Nine years ago I couldn't run around the block. I started walking for exercise, then running. I learned to swim and I bought a bike. Since 1999 I have walked, run, swum and biked in nearly 100 races: runs ranging from 5ks to marathons, four Ironman triathlons plus many shorter multisport races, open-water swims, and even a few bike races. And I lost a lot of weight in -- or perhaps despite -- the process.

I hope that someone reading my story will realize that if I can do this stuff, anyone can. Because it's true: if I can go from geek chained to my computer to geek chained to my computer who also runs marathons, you can, too. It just takes time, patience, and the intense desire to get it done.

My name is Ariel. I am 30-something years old and I live in San Francisco. I am married. I wear size 13 shoes. What else is there to know?